Speak up please I cant hear you

Posted: March 31st, 2014, by Jenny

Old age, it’s that creeping, lurking, waiting for you type of something that cannot be avoided. Bam! Before you know it you will be 65 years old using a cane, digital hearing aids, and wearing false teeth. I am constantly telling my grandfather to turn his hearing aid up so that I don’t have to yell at him in order for him to hear. I can’t imagine what it will be like to have to ask someone twelve times to repeat themselves. It is frustrating when I am the one repeating myself, but being the askee, how annoying it will be to ask over and over again “what are you saying?” I recommend getting your hearing checked every year or so just to make sure that there are no sudden changes or that you are not at risk for hearing loss, so what are you waiting for doesn’t matter if your 20, 30, 50, or 90. Get your hearing checked now!

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